Can I pick the music for my film?

Can I pick the music for my film?

As a business, ASF&D is required to use music that has been licensed for ASF&D’s specific use. Licensing music comes with fees (already included in the pricing) & limits on what music can be used. I do my best to match the various aspects of the song (words, tempo, & style) to your personality and type of film. That is one of the many things I try to pay attention to while sitting behind the camera during our shoot. While I am willing to go to all ends to make my clients happy, please be mindful of this. Most music you hear on the radio would cost thousands of dollars to get rights to. If you are particular on a certain genre or popular song, I am willing to match it with one I can get licensing for. If you are further interested in being involved with picking a song, you can take a look on either website: